Baalbek Lebanese Restaurant

When you want that fix of Lebanese food then the place to get your mouth watering is Baalbek

Just a brief walk from Vörösmarty Tér along Váci Ut is Baalbek. Located in the splendid Klotild Palace which was built in 1902 It’s been marvellously renovated and is now the home of the Buddha Bar Hotel & Buddha Bar Restaurant. Baalbek is one of the hip places to be seen. It’s hot on the scene of local foodie places, frequented by the trendy, the well connected as well as tourists and passers by.

Named after a city on top of the Bekaa Valley Baalbek is both intimate, cosy and not the place for a quick meal. All dishes are prepared halal, and guests are welcomed in the spirit of being friends and not simply as guests.

Whether you want spicy lamb sausages (Makanek) above or to tabbouleh below then Baalbek really will have something for you.

Not priced cheaply but quality costs. Below is a meat platter for two people. And with the Arabic bread they bring when you arrive this dish is more than enough really for two people.

Remember it only seats 65 people so best try and reserve a table or sure you’ll be disappointed. And in the winter sit inside out as they’ve a winter terrace and why not try a shisha and peppermint tea?