Buddha Bar Budapest

Buddha Bar Buddha Bar Buddha Bar. Often so good you need to name it three times. The Budapest Buddha Bar is a culinary adventure in the centre of the city. Having been a resident here for many years I think that I’ve earned the right to say a few things on the positives and the negatives and have often done so in person. Below is a view based on the past visits to this Mecca of Food.


My personal favourite is “Heart of Darkness” which in its description it states muddled grapes. In the past four years I’d say 75% of the time the cocktail comes with no muddled grapes but could have a strawberry on the top, a lemon, or simply a smouldering cinnamon. Nothing wrong with that, so adjust the menu and don’t advertise what’s not always in it.

Dreher: Hot summers day a large lager is nice to have as you sit and chill under the Buddha while waiting for your meal to arrive. This has changed this week, now you are not permitted to order a large beer only a small bottled beer. This is cost related as more profit on a bottle as the price is stinging for it! Five star hotel! Can’t have a large beer…. Really. You’ve got the highest price for the smallest drink. This I’ll say in all honesty is a joke. You should truly be ashamed of yourselves. Adding to this I’ve found out that a large beer isn’t “five star” only small beers are! If this is true ok! But don’t allow children to jump up and down on chairs like a trampoline, don’t let the parents cheer them on. “That is not five star also” Staff stand by timid, unable to do anything. €100 dinner, my beer, my choice and I don’t think you serve “Happy Meals” or am I wrong. Either you control all or have some tolerance either way.

My point is this. Charge people €100 for dinner ok, but not allow large beer? But allow uncontrolled children and nothing done. You need decide if you are five star or arrive wearing vests and shorts, stag trips men in dresses (I’ve seen) Decide! You are putting across a confused image as five star, stag trip, shouting children. You can’t be masters of all so be masters of some. Have a dress code! Now your a run of the mill hotel restaurant which is expensive.. Decide if your have class or have no class.


Amazing and WOW. The selection is a truly brilliant experience and I’ll recommend you try the “Surf N Turf” which is beef, asparagus, grilled onion on the top and shrimp. The delicacy of this dish dances across your tongue like a concerto of flavours. Fresh, clean taste. It makes your mouth water just to write about it.

The left hand side Sushi is “Surf N Turf” which is magnificent and on the right is Philadelphia with cream cheese.

Above are the Duck Gyoza, simply amazing!

Above again on left hand side is “Surf n turf” and on the right is Crab Tempura Sushi served warm with Jalapeño mayonnaise which isn’t sadly available now but top top class indeed.

Will I get a large beer next time? Will Ronald Mc Donald have taken over with happy meals

Let’s see next visit!

This is the only blog that reviews each visit, not one off and never again remember….

McLimon Restaurant Šenov Czech Republic 

Located in the village of Šenov which is a couple of kilometers from Novy Jićin is the family run restaurant, pension and wellness McLimon. This is a small look at the restaurant for a quick snack on a Saturday afternoon with 33c outside. At this time they’ve specials on Lime Lemonades and cold mint tea so perfect! Inside the air conditioned restaurant the menu is multi lingual (although I’m not sure about the staff during my time there) 

The menu is diverse and international with Czech specialties as well as salads, shrimp, salmon, pastas and much more. We decided on a snack which is normally served as a side dish onto beer and wine. It consists of three slices of bread (toasted) grilled chicken breast well seasoned and vegetable stew (courgette, onions, peppers) this is then poured over the toast and served with a cheese topping as the photo shows above. Add to this iceberg lettuce, cucumber salad on the side. Costing for this around €4.4 or £3.90 and believe me it’s enough to keep you going.

Website: http://www.mclimon.cz
We had a great time! You treated the insider great. 

See you soon !!